UK Eagle E-Type – Leading Restorers of Jaguar E-Types in the World

Formed in 1984 and based in East Sussex, UK Eagle E-Types are widely recognised as the leading restorers of Jaguar E-Types in the world. Eagle first attracted global attention with the Eagle E-Type, the ‘zero miles’ restoration and upgrading of an original Jaguar E-Type, adding reliability, performance and handling improvements that enhanced the spirit of the original. The Eagle Spyder GT is the latest addition to the world-renowned stable of ‘Special Edition’ Jaguar E-Types that comprises the Eagle E-Type, Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT. First announced during the 2016 London Classic Car Show to great acclaim, construction is now complete on the very first of these handcrafted lightweight roadsters. The Spyder GT builds upon the groundbreaking Eagle Speedster adding a folding roof. Its 4.7 litre XK engine offers 330bhp and an impressive 340 ft lbs of torque, all in a car weighing just 1,029 kg. As with all Eagle Special Editions, the Spyder GT begins life as an original E-Type ready to be restored. The engineering perfectly blends original and new technology and the Eagle Spyder GT offers blistering performance. With 330bhp and 340 ft lbs of torque it powers from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds to its top speed of over 170mph.
From £695,000 + local taxes as applicable

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