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Crafting your home bar oasis

Inked Intrigue

Drawing inspiration from the billowing sails of traditional Omani sailing boats, Inky Dhow is a stunning evolution of the Dhow pattern. Crafted by hand with sweeping strokes of ink, it radiates a painterly depth and intense ultramarine hue.

This intricate design is translated into marquetry using Italian maple veneers, dyed immediately post-cutting to achieve a richer colour. Laser-cut blue and white veneers are cleverly matched, ensuring each Inky Dhow piece is unique. Led by Mohammad Reza Shamsian and his Muscat-based marquetry artisans, every detail reflects the careful touch of human craftsmanship, making each piece a work of art.
Bethan Gray

Artful Ingenuity

The Pixel Cabinet is a groundbreaking design, evoking traditional craftsmanship with innovative design for the modern age. 

Crafted with utmost care, it boasts 1088 triangles, each symbolising artisanal excellence. Its playful yet sophisticated aesthetic combines handmade leaf gilding and ten distinct wood types, resulting in a truly striking piece. Behind its doors lie hidden treasures: aged mirror and diamond-quilted blue silk, concealing nine drawers adorned with golden knobs. Elevated on a polished brass base, the Pixel Cabinet is not just furniture – it’s the perfect union of creativity and craftsmanship.
Boca do Lobo |

Bethan Gray
Inky Dhow Large Bar Cabinet
£28,000 / €32,655 / $35,352

Alpaga – Crépuscule
£3,215 / €3,750 / $4,060

Exquisitely Hand Crafted

Embracing the trend of home entertainment, there’s a rising demand for bespoke home bars. 

Drawing from expertise in crafting commercial bars, Hux uses various materials like veneer, stone, antique mirror, metals, and crackle-glazed tile. Whether it’s a discreet armoire or a full-fledged bar with seating, Hux tailors each bar to the client’s preferences. With skilled designers and craftsmen, they ensure every bar is a unique additions to any home.

Fringed Find

Discover the Alpaga drinks cabinet, a creation by designers Rachel & Benoît Convers. Its fringed exterior, crafted from high-pressure laminate and viscose, is mysterious and elegant.

Made in France, each detail invites touch and exploration, beckoning to uncover the hidden treasures within. From its silky coat to the concealed secrets, this Ibride creation promises to elevate any space, with its craftsmanship, and the joy of gathering.


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