Lydia Courteille’s Newest Jewellery Collection Featuring 18K Black Rhodium Gold Cuff

Inspiration for Lydia Courteille’s new jewellery collection has been taken from the sumptuous Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. It stems from the great love story of Roxelana and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the vast and powerful Ottoman Empire, and extends to the famous Iznik ceramics decorated with black Halfeti roses and brilliant red tulips, symbol of Turkey. Twenty pieces form this collection, ranging from rings and earrings to cuffs and a tiara, all set with beautiful jewels mimicking the faience tiles of Iznik that cover the Topkapi Palace walls and harem. The 18K black rhodium gold cuff shown here is festooned with tourmaline, opals, aquamarines, rubies, tsavorites, sapphires, and diamonds.
£87,300 / €98,000 / $106,675 

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