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Blue wonder

Abyss Horizon is the latest addition to the Abyss collection – a dramatic, circular coffee table that will take pride of place in any home.

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Texan inspiration meets unconventional design to create this overtly organic Indi chandelier.

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A really great chandelier or pendant can define an entire room and elevate the space from just okay to truly beautiful, and this Kelopak piece is one such design.

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A unique nest

Hut is a stunning design featuring a place to pause and regenerate.

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Elegant pieces

The Mozaix Lounge Collection is a work of art.

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Luxury Fireplaces

A truly unique design, the Wilderness Collection by Ortal Heat delivers the only lifelike log-and-flame experience available today.

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Going Underground

This basement pool design was part of the large-scale refurbishment of a Grade II listed Manor House in the UK.

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Great lengths

Water feature to transform your home into an oasis of calm

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Krug Echoes

Champagne produces an unmistakable sound when a bottle is opened, then drops to a whisper as the bubbles collect – you sip, then savour and revel in its beauty, whilst music is formed by layers of sound and tones, which recurrently lead many to stop in their tracks. The two art forms blend so well that often their imagery is intertwined.

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Illuminate your home

A well-lit home can be achieved with any one of these opulent designs