A Restful Night

A place of comfort and relaxation, your bedroom should provide solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The Dream Master Bedroom

Janey Butler, Design Director, Janey Butler Interiors

Design Director Janey Butler gives us insight into how she worked alongside Llama Architects to create the master bedroom suite at their award-winning project Lake View House.

“We’ve had the pleasure of creating some stunning bedroom spaces for our clients; amongst my favourites is undoubtedly the master suite at the fittingly-named Lake View House. 

“The entire design scheme was anchored around the incredible views of the surrounding water; easily enjoyed from the custom-made super king velvet bed and chaise lounge. We chose calm and subtle tones including soft whites and silvery greys to create a calm and luxurious feel to the entire space.

“A stunningly ethereal feature light installation hangs from a full-scale vaulted ceiling. As with all of our projects, bespoke items from our trusted A-list suppliers sit alongside custom Janey Butler Interiors pieces inspired by nature. You will see beautiful soft velvet chairs paired with an organic root coffee table, custom joinery in white-washed waney-edge wood and leather-fronted drawers with bronze horn handles, accessorised with beautiful pieces from our Janey Butler Collections range.

“State-of-the art home automation means everything from the lighting to the pop-up television and surround sound can be controlled at the touch of a button. Encompassing a balance of technology, design and nature makes this a truly perfect master suite.” 

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