Bespoke living

Russian company Smart Wood takes the art of timber to a whole new level with its magnificent property designs.

Smart Woods timeless designs come to life owing to a fusion of Siberian timber and skilful carpentry. The end results are beautiful, durable and comfortable homes that are not short on luxury. 

The Agios project, in particular, is the largest handmade wooden complex in Cyprus, and will feature two residential buildings, two saunas and a garage within a total area of about 2000m². The structures are being handmade using clever techniques with materials that were brought to the island from Russia. 

The main building is being constructed using high-quality Siberian cedar, while the blockhouse will be made at the Smart Wood production base in the Moscow region. The use of wood to build properties is new to Cyprus as there is a long-standing tradition of designing houses with stone and concrete. However, with a high-quality approach to construction, a wooden abode will integrate harmoniously with the environment. To read the full article click here.

Smart Wood

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