Bigger and better! Why have a wall when you can have a television?

Just as we reach critical mass for 4K video, television manufacturers have upped the game to keep pace with the demand for increasingly large screens.

At a diagonal size of 98 inches, and a whole four times the resolution of 4K, the Samsung Q950R 8K television provides the sort of picture that makes reality seem washed out and unconvincing.

While 8K content may be thin on the ground at present, you’ll have the benefit of a dedicated artificial intelligence engine to upscale lower resolution sources with the highest fidelity, together with enough future-proofing for the next generation. The QLED screen provides intense brightness and contrast to make maximum use of HDR content. And, to save this monolith of a television from dominating your room when not in use, there’s an ambient mode to replicate the pattern of your wall on the screen, with optional filters to generate a work of art. Smart features and voice control come as standard, of course.

£69,999 / €83,000 / $92,000

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