Business Park Rostec City

A large-scale development meets world-class high-quality standards to provide a wide range of services and facilities for a memorable user experience

Rostec City is a 262,000m² business park developed by Asterus as part of a large-scale mixed-use project. Strategically developed in a build-to-suit way, the business venture includes 13 office buildings: ten low-rise with a mixture of four to five floors, two slightly higher mid-rise buildings with ten floors and one high-rise building at a height of 100m with 21 floors, along with an expo hall.

The key business goal of the project is to consolidate dozens of subsidiaries into a single office area in order to create a new high-tech sector cluster in the country. Effective floor plans and shared infrastructure will lead to cost-effective and adequate operational benefits, while smart management of the transport infrastructure will improve the business eco-system.

Situated within the Tushino territory, in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area of the North-Western administrative district of Moscow, Rostec City is the first phase of a two-stage business park, and is destined to become the largest A-class business park in the country with a comfortable working, living and recreational environment. As a mixed-use development, there will be plenty of jobs on offer for tens of thousands of people. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), the project will be on par with other well-known SOM projects such as the Burj Khalifa; the world’s highest skyscraper in Dubai, and the Freedom Tower, which is the central building located in the new World Trade Center in New York.

Underground parking, a vibrant public realm and retail establishments on the basement and ground floor grant a sustainable environment, as well as a full range of user services to the employees and guests. The landscape and public realm are seen as essential ingredients in creating both a distinctive identity and setting for the Rostec City business campus, and to create a flourishing part of the city’s new office destination focusing on user experience. 

The project’s landscape vision is defined by green urbanism principles, creating a verdant green setting that embraces and interweaves with the development creating a rich sensory experience. With regards to the technical aspect of the design, Rostec City was conceived and constructed in accordance with best practice sustainability principles, with the campus and buildings assessed under the BREEAM New Construction standard, which led to it receiving an excellent rating. Overall, Rostec City will provide a state-of-the-art avenue to lure potential investors who prefer the finer, more multi-purposed things in life. 

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