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We meet Graham Green and Michael Keech, Design & Creative Directors at LINLEY

Over a period of more than thirty years, and with founder David Linley firmly at the helm, Linley’s designs and interiors have become synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and the very highest standards. Linley has not only established a reputation for creating distinctive furniture and beautiful accessories of the finest quality, but also in the world of interior design, the company’s work is much sought after and celebrated.

As design and creative directors, Graham Green and Michael Keech head up the Linley design team. Michael introduced us to this creative partnership: “We first started working together at Ralph Lauren in 1990. Graham left to start his own business ten years later, and I started out on my own in 2002. However, we did end up working together on one or two projects the following year, and that was when we decided to join forces. Thus ‘Keech Green’ was born, and in that time Linley was always one of our top five brands to go to for its design integrity and craftsmanship.” Graham explained how the relationship began: “We were already buying quite a bit from Linley on behalf of our clients. I met David Linley in Monaco at one of the Boat shows and there was talk of collaborating and designing a yacht together initially and then it snowballed from there.”

Michael told us that since joining the company in 2018, business has taken off: “Joining Linley opened up a new world of exceptional clientele and opportunity for us, and the combination has been very productive for both parties.” Graham said “Our clientele is very international, but a nice even split between the UK & USA and between Europe and the Middle East. A lot of our UK based clients have second homes abroad, and we have on quite a few occasions worked on two or more of their properties.”

“In terms of the partnership and in the way we work” says Graham, “I work exclusively on interiors and Michael divides his time between products and interiors. He is very hands on with the design team, always introducing new ideas for inspiration – a detail on a car or a scene in a film. We complement each other very well, we are both eclectic. Michael is more masculine and modernist in his aesthetic and I tend to be more of a traditionalist, but at the same time we both appreciate and respect each other’s styles and taste.” Michael added “We tailor our approach to each individual project, taking into consideration the architecture, location and lifestyle of the client and what they want from the property in terms of how they want to use it. We have quite a few big and very interesting projects in the pipeline in the next few months which will show Linley at its finest and they will really push our team to new aesthetic heights. You can expect the unexpected!” 

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