Crowning glory

One of the world’s most revered instruments comes enveloped in beautiful elements that will take pride of place in any home

The Aire Acrylic baby grand piano is a finely tuned instrument of complex moving parts, each dependent on the others for an exceptional result. Set on crystal clear legs, the Aire design is the epitome of luxury, fit to complement any room. 

This baby grand piano, although more compact than its traditional counterpart, does not compromise on sound or playability. In fact, it was designed to impress – to appeal aesthetically to the expectations of those who desire opulence and extravagance. One of its most impressive elements is the transparent lid, which showcases rather than hinders the beauty beneath, which comes in the form of a cast iron plate and the inner workings of the piano. 

From the softest trill to a thundering fortissimo, the Aire Acrylic baby grand piano encompasses sleek lines and curves. It really is more than just a beautiful piece – it represents a whole concept of appreciation for music. 

Musical Interest

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