Desire: Action-packed Adventures

Exploration incites wonder and there is a rising trend of adventurers wishing to explore all the unknown wonders of the world.

The wealthy amongst this new breed of traveller want this sense of adventure to be combined with unprecedented luxury for the ultimate getaway. This is more than just basking in the sun on a superyacht, this is taking that vessel to the most remote corners of the planet, while enjoying unique elements tailored to suit individual tastes and passions, such as submarine exploration, built into the itinerary.

For a decade, Cookson Adventures has been at the forefront of the ultra-luxury adventure travel market, taking trips to an unprecedented level of personalisation. These range from organising the first privately-owned submersible dive in Antarctica to putting clients at the heart of crucial conservation work in the Galápagos Islands.

Clients may wish to search for polar bears deep within the Arctic Circle, returning afterwards to an elegant meal on the ice, observe sharks swimming through the wrecks of World War II fighter planes lying on the seabed and contribute to important marine research, or fly to seldom-travelled glacial lakes for a day of paddle-boarding amongst the stunning backdrop of an Alaskan mountain range.

On Canada’s Baffin Island, Cookson has worked with a local partner to set up the world’s most northerly heli-ski camp, offering access to dramatic Arctic skiing. Clients can explore the uncharted slopes of an Arctic mountain range via helicopter or snow-cat, whilst experiencing the rich culture of the native Inuit people.

Henry Cookson, founder of Cookson Adventures, says, “Despite changes in the higher end travel market, our vision remains the same; to provide unique and elegant adventures to the curious and the daring. In an age when increasingly less of the world remains pristine and undiscovered, we’re continuing to pioneer the concept of luxury adventure travel, whilst contributing to conservation as an integral part of the trip to make sure we keep it that way.”

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