GDM architecture – Paramount residence

Set on top of a mountain in the city of Limassol lies this exceptional property, which is a landmark in the area

Located only one kilometre away from the sea, amazing uninterrupted views make this property a one-of-a-kind find in Cyprus.

Fully integrated into the slope of a mountain through sculpted design, the building is divided into different levels, all of which feature the city’s coastal front. The design of the outer shell of the house is done in the simplest way, with large glass surfaces around the perimeter to unify the spaces with the wider natural environment. The privacy of the spaces is ensured through the inaccessibility to the inner courtyard due to the altitude and the management of the façade.

Further simplicity in the design approach and construction of the house is attributed through the choice of materials and decoration, such as stone, marble and wood. These elements mix perfectly with the external environment, and the white surfaces reflect the intense summer light that bounces off the Mediterranean Sea.

Sustainability is reflected through the use of large cantilevers that offer natural shading, as well as large indoor skylights that allow natural ventilation. 

GDM architecture
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