Alpex Architecture – How will we live together?

Laura Petruso’s firm Alpex was a successful award winner at the most recent United Kingdom Property Awards for their project, The Garden House.

Laura says that the pandemic has had “a repercussion on the construction and property development market and therefore on architecture. On the other side the pandemic has changed people’s lifestyle and created a need for different housing, working places and social building.” 

Like the other firms we spoke to, she also says that Alpex is making changes to the way they incorporate workspace into home life and also extending outdoor living. She is also mindful of the need for social distancing being incorporated into the urban landscape in the future, saying “people will definitely need more space to respect social distancing, spend time outdoors and improve life wellness.”

Laura who is Italian and has been a member of the National Order of Architects Cagliari since 1997, and RIBA since 2001, says there has been much talk of the impact of the pandemic on architecture on various online forums and has been invited to participate in this year’s Venice-based Biennale Architettura the theme of which is ‘How we will live together?’. Although she acknowledges this may well have been conceived before the pandemic, it is absolutely pertinent to the current situation.

17th International Architecture Exhibition,
Biennale Architettura 2021, Venice, 22nd May to 21st November

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