Illuminate your home

A well-lit home can be achieved with any one of these opulent designs

Iridescent trail

The Ersa, as this beautifully constructed fixture is called, was designed by Brand van Egmonds’ founder, William Brand. With the power to transform any room, this piece changes colour depending on the angle of view, whilst radiating a stunning glow. Ersa, named after the Greek goddess of dew, hints as much to the fresh-faced start of a new day as it does to the thirst for free-spirited renewal. Opt for a single hanging or make a statement with a larger composition hung at different heights. 
Price available on request
Brand van Egmond

Golden touch

The largest of the new Koi Collection, the Koi 3-Light Pendant resembles a school of Koi fish. Designed by Ori Goldberg, a jeweller by trade, it is easy to see his hand in creating movement, with the textured steel gathered school of Koi intersecting with the lights, providing both drama and functional lighting to the space. The large, 70inch pendant is a mesmerising focal point, and can be hung above a large dining table, a billiard table or an entertainment space. This design is also available in smaller 1-Light and 2-Light versions – smaller pendants can be hung singly or in multiples.
£2,749 / €3,084 / $3,475
Hubbardton Forge

Delicate design

Showcasing beautiful patterns across your living space will come easily with a David Trubridge design. The Maru light in particular is made up of swirling panels of sustainably managed bamboo plywood, and they are lit internally by low energy LED modules. The effect of shadow play on surrounding walls and ceiling is Maru’s hidden quality. The circular form is inspired by diatoms, which are at the base of the entire oceanic food chain. The name Maru is found in both New Zealand Maori and Japanese languages, with references to the cycle of life.
£2,739 / €3,075 / $3,464
David Trubridge

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