Interiors: A Place of Escape

LaMar Lisman, principal designer of Lisman Studio

Of all the areas of importance in a private residence, and sadly the one often left overlooked, is the master bedroom suite. Few rooms in a home can rejuvenate, restore and revive in the way an appropriately designed master suite can.

Years ago, the tendency was to fixate on the bed location and overlook the rest of the room. Thankfully that has changed and master suites are now more hybrid in serving multiple functions. Lounge areas for reading, relaxing, or intimate conversation are now essential. Most clients prefer a fireplace, even possibly raised, so it can be viewed from the bed. Media viewing seems dependent on the client’s preferences, yet they should always be able to watch media from a variety of locations in the room, not just on the wall or at the foot of the bed.

Master suite colours should be calming, restful and subtle. Soft blues, subtle greens and pale pinks combined with warm neutrals provide a restorative palette that never draws attention to itself. Decorative over-bedding should be subtle to the touch, and selected in organic materials whenever possible. Cotton, silk, velvet and even mohair can all come together to create subtle textural interest in the most intimate of rooms.

Drapery has become fashionable again, and there is no better place for it than in a master suite. Sound absorption and keeping the busy outside world at bay are handled beautifully by soft drapery treatments. If possible, areas should be considered for yoga or even Pilates – a quiet retreat is perfect for meditation as well. Attention to lighting is critical. This is a room that will require clear direct light for reading and areas of soft diffused lighting for calm and relaxation. Where possible, lighting should be at eye level. Overhead lighting should be kept to a minimum, and when possible concealed in a cove or other types of molding. Fundamentally, the space should feel like a departure and an escape, even from the rest of the residence. A place to go away, read, think, breathe and rest.

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