Interiors: Add a little Fluff!

Danielle Molnar, founder and lead designer of Accentrix Design

From minimalistic, modern, traditional and contemporary, each bedroom consists of the same principals. The first thing we look at in any bedroom before deciding on the finishings is the space planning itself.

Typically, we want to ensure the bed placement is facing you as you enter the room. This allows for us to create a focal point with a decorative or built-in headboard wall, wall sconces, light fixtures and night tables. A decorated headboard wall is just as important as a fireplace in a living room. Without it, the room feels bare and incomplete.

After space planning is complete, we look at incorporating other built in design features. Sometimes this can consist of dressing the ceiling with panel moulding, decorative drops and lighting features. We like to come up with creative millwork designs, veneered panels, upholstered integrated headboards, built in nightstands, and wall features such as mirrors. These applications offer softer touches and incorporate the bed into the space. In some of our more traditional designs, we use LED light ropes with ornate ceiling drops to provide ambient lighting, or the use of grand chandeliers to give the feeling of pure luxury. Using multiple lighting layers gives our clients options for setting a mood or winding down for bed.

Lastly, a bedroom is never complete without a little fluff! When selecting bedding, we like to use neutrals, without a lot of pattern. Typically, we like to use the pattern on the accent pieces that go into the space. This makes it easy to swap out and change up your d├ęcor at a later time. I find by incorporating a few different textures and textile prints into the throw pillows, throw and upholstery, you will achieve a well-rounded look. Colour is a personal preference, but we always advise that you go easy on the colour for a more tranquil look. Remember, a bedroom is a place of relaxation and rest, and your colour choices should reflect that.

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