Interiors: Be wary of trends

Be wary of trends – Vanessa Adaken, Neoscene

When designing a high-end kitchen, picture yourself using every feature that you wish to include in the layout. This will ensure that you are making the right aesthetic and functional choices.

Include storage – even the sleekest designs can hide storage units, therefore make sure that you have enough kitchen cabinets, shelving, and pantries. While it might be tempting to be as minimalist as possible, it is still important to have extra storage in the kitchen to avoid clutter.

Take the backsplash tile to the ceiling, especially when they are only eight feet high. This is common in a lot of older homes. Taking the tile up creates visual height and an especially polished look because you don’t have a break where tile meets drywall (particularly around a window). Moreover, a dramatic backsplash will draw the eye with ease and make an excellent focal point.

Be wary of trends – your kitchen is a high traffic area, so try to opt for timeless pieces. Designs and trends evolve and a design piece might look great now but might not be trendy in a few years’ time. Every piece of your kitchen design should have a purpose. This will let you fully optimise the space, using the features as well as enjoying them. While aesthetics will drive your design, remember to keep function in mind.

Using contrasting colours on walls, counters and floors helps with depth perception and provides a clear line of sight when navigating throughout the kitchen, especially in working areas. It will add a huge amount of visual interest to the kitchen. When you’re putting together the colour palette, go with either one neutral shade and one bold colour or choose a warm and cool shade. Additionally, focus either on the contrast on a single item, such as an island, or allow an element to continue throughout the entire space.

Consider various options as exploring several design possibilities will help you decide exactly what you are looking for. If you settle on the first counter material you see, for example, you might not know what other materials you could like better.

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