Interiors: Create visual impact

Create visual impact –  Marie Soliman

founder and creative director, and Albin Berglund, co-founder and managing director of Bergman Interiors.

The kitchen featured here is within a penthouse in Marylebone with stunning views over Regents Park. It truly involved a full transformation as we wanted it to become a focal point rather than just a kitchen.

The new kitchen we designed is within the main, open space serving both dining and living room. All appliances are hidden and externally designed in a functional yet beautiful way; almost as if having your own bar at home.

We used an antique mirror to visually double up the space and enhance the visual impact creating an experience within the space, antique brushed brass for understated luxury and luxurious herringbone veneers. We also designed the lighting unit above the bar which was inspired by a pearl earring fully transformed into a pendant light for ambiance and dramatic evening light. The finishing touch was our specially designed liquid bronze mural featuring Marylebone and Regents Park.

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