Interiors: Functional and Comfortable

Lonni Paul, founder of Lonni Paul Design

I always start with function, but I will never sacrifice comfort. I think it’s important to include a sitting area for reading with a table for coffee in the morning – near a window is always nice for natural light.

Bedding is also very important, especially a down comforter in the right weight, with pillows in firm, medium and soft options. Cashmere and high thread count Egyptian cotton for materials. For soft furnishings and accents, I love a down mattress topper and a chaise lounge.

Bedside tables on each side of the bed that are high enough to easily reach your bedside essentials are a sign of good design. There should be a seating arrangement at the end of the bed, or to the side. If it’s to the side, a bench is essential at the end of the bed.

A plush rug makes the space feel cosy – but it needs to be large enough to span the entire bed on all sides. I also love a TV that is disguised as art! As for colours, choose soft pale blues, silvers, greys, whites, creams and lavender. These all soothe and help the bedroom feel like a haven for rest.

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