Interiors: Choose custom cabinetry

Choose custom cabinetry – Magda Gruszczynska, Vis A Vis

ost of our clients consider the kitchen very important to their daily family life, therefore, it is crucial to Vis A Vis to design every kitchen to be both functional and beautiful. We start the design process from thinking about the kitchen location and its relation to other rooms like the dining room, living room and entrance hall.

The kitchen should be the heart and soul of each property. It is a place where we start our day and say good morning to our loved ones. While designing a kitchen it is also very important to create interesting, appealing and defined kitchen cabinetry design that looks superior from the couch or the dining table.

Moreover, we love to challenge the kitchen design by sourcing modern materials that are highly resistant. More and more often, along with specifying reliable kitchen brands like Bulthaup, we provide bespoke kitchen cabinetry to our clients. Going for a bespoke solution gives ourselves and our clients a greater choice in veneer grain and colour, backsplash design and even custom cabinet handles.

Our latest award-winning kitchen design in a private residence blends minimalistic kitchen wall cabinets with sophisticated, etched mirror and backlit opaque glass to create a stunning five-metre tall feature wall. This reflects the garden during the day while in the evening brings a relaxing and moody atmosphere, perfect to entertain with friends.

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