Kajal Patel, Founder Of Moderno Interiors Discusses The Evolution of Modern Design

Kajal Patel believes that simplicity, serenity and seamlessness in design allows an escape from the hectic world we live in and creates a more ‘detox’ interior.

Moderno Interiors was born after the hugely successful completion of a property in Northwood, London in September 2015. It features a design which exudes luxury and warmth combined with durable interiors. The head interior designer and founder of Moderno Interiors is Kajal Patel whose background initially involved studying pharmacology at University College London. She then went on to study residential interiors at the Regent Academy of Fine Arts, and commercial interiors at KLC School of Design at Chelsea Harbour.

“Hand painting children’s furniture at Dragons of Walton Street, London also gave me an immense knowledge and awareness of my ability to deliver,”

explains Kajal.

“It is here I discovered my passion for modern interiors in the design world.”

When designing large, luxury homes, skills and vision are the keys to successful design. Kajal’s values are attention to detail, quality and personal commitment.

“My design inspirations derive from the world we live in and that surrounds us from nature and from industrial,”

“We are surrounded by an abundance of materials and inspirations that if placed correctly can turn into beautiful breathtaking interiors. Our senses are one of the greatest assets in acknowledging successful design from the scent of candles, touch and feel of materials and textures.”

Kajal believes the design world is moving towards modern, environmentally friendly interiors and is still evolving.

“Refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, naturally flowing spaces, hidden storage with limited colour palette of natural hues allows one to draw the eye to statement pieces that adorn modern interiors. Use of floor-to-ceiling glass is becoming more and more popular, increasing allowing natural light to flood into our homes and connecting us to the nature that surrounds us. ‘Less’ is definitely more without compromising on materials, overall design, glamour and functionality.”

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