La Residence Hotel

Located in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley, La Residence is a tranquil haven of luxury and relaxation

Surrounded by vineyards and plum orchards, with a spectacular mountain backdrop, La Residence enjoys breathtaking views of the undulating countryside, together with an atmosphere of complete tranquillity. The moment a visitor steps into the Great Hall, they are transported to a world of exquisite beauty, opulence and grandeur in this luxury Franschhoek hotel.

The main hotel accommodates up to 22 guests within six luxury, and five superior suites. Additional accommodation for a further 16 adults and up to four children is available in the Vineyard Suites.  An integral part of the experience at Franschhoek’s La Residence is the elaborate and unique interior of each suite, some of which offer a private garden and swimming pool.  Every suite has its own colour scheme and set of design influences, from the exotic Tibetan Suite with its oriental antiques and rich orange tones, to the blue and yellow Chambre Bleu with its Provençal antiques, velvets and silks. Also on offer are a communal terrace room with indoor and outdoor dining areas and two main terrace pools, along with a spa treatment room, curio shop and library.

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