Los Angeles

Discover the sprawling urban metropolis of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to 5,507 ultra-high-net-worth individuals, the third largest concentration of any city globally,” says Jason Mansfield, associate, United States and Canada, Knight Frank. 

“Known as the global capital for entertainment and media, Los Angeles also boasts other strong sectors including finance, technology and education. Neighbourhoods such as Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood and Holmby Hills have some of the city’s highest wealth densities. LA is all about the lifestyle – it’s very laidback and has a huge wellness scene which is very attractive for those who want to live and invest in the market.”

Justin Mandile, Sotheby’s Inter­national Realty – Beverly Hills Bro­kerage adds: “LA offers a variety of things to do, it has great weather year-round which allows people to spend more time outside, and great space. It’s very spread out – especially for a major city. 

“LA offers suburban, single family homes with backyards and pools, while at the same time being in the heart of the city/country/world,” he continues. “Since the pandemic began, wealthier individuals in several countries have opted for larger suburban homes with more outdoor space in the anticipation that they won’t need to commute into central offices as much – LA is the perfect combination of being central but also getting the suburban/outdoor feel.”

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Simply Beautiful

This minimalist, yet warm home is spacious and cosy. Inspired by Louis Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum, the home takes the shape of three parallel gabled volumes with stairs between them. 

The double-height middle volume features an expansive living and dining space. At the opposite end of this volume, two mature olive trees flank the travertine pathway that leads to the solid oak front door, marking the main entryway. The home also features white oak-accented bedrooms and marble-clad bathrooms on the upper storey, while the lower-storey living areas flow seamlessly to the idyllic backyard. 

£20.2m / €23.4m / $28.5m 
The Fridman Group
Tomer Fridman, Sally Forster Jones & Tyrone McKillen
t: +1 310 919 1038 | e: [email protected]

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