Beautiful Beast

Bugatti first unveiled the Chiron supercar in 2016. With a power output of 1,500HP which is unprecedented for production vehicles, an exceptionally high torque of 1,600Nm between…

…2,000 and 6,000rpm, and outstanding control in all speed ranges, it is no surprise that the car has proved very successful, despite its €2.5M starting price. Under the motto, ‘form follows performance’ Chiron embodies Bugatti’s new design language. The car is at once a technical product and an automotive sculpture. The Chiron, with its emphatic proportions, and larger wheels, is higher and wider than its predecessor, the Veyron. Most of the model’s distinctive design elements have a technical background, and serve to enhance rather than inhibit performance.  The car is shaped in order to not only ensure lower drag,  but also to meet the requirements posed by the high-power output, the vehicle’s top speed, (420km/h or 260mph, limited), and heat dissipation from the rear. Only 500 Chirons will be produced, so act soon – Bugatti are well on their way to a sell-out success. 

From £2.3m / €2.5M / $3m

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