Born to Roam

From tropical paradises to incredible expanses of wilderness, while the days away in your own  private yacht haven enveloped  in luxurious amenities.

The Arksen 85 has been designed to accommodate up to 14 people, with an enclosed flybridge offering extraordinary views, whether you are sailing by a Caribbean island or whale watching in Sri Lanka or South Africa.

Created by Design Unlimited, the interiors feature ethically sourced materials that can be fully recycled at the end of the yacht’s 50-year lifespan. The rugs, pillowcases and throws are made from recycled bottles, while the durable upholstery fabric is made from recycled fashion industry textiles as well as cotton-rich yarns from Italy. Other notable features include solar panels, which provide significant power for on-board systems, extensive cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles of cruising on a single tank of fuel and a vast amount of kitchen amenities for cooking up a feast.

The exterior consists of a lower deck swim platform, while a stairway to starboard connects up to the main aft deck, which is used for storing the tender and any large submersibles for underwater exploration. A davit crane is on-hand for safe and efficient launch and retrieval.

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