Conscious Couture

KATKIM is a blend of design, quality, and sustainability fused into every piece.

Sustainability stands as one of the core pillars upon which the brand was founded, serving as a crucial guideline for the design and development of its pieces. 

Mono Pavé Earring
£3,860 / €4,523 / $4,873

Asscher Cosma Eternity Band
£24,527 / €28,738 / $30,958

Mono Half Pavé Bracelet
£14,475 / €16,961 / $18,271

Cerré Oval Diamond Necklace
£4,584 / €5,371 / $5,786

Crafted with respect for the surrounding communities and environment, each KATKIM piece is handmade in Los Angeles, California, where the entire production process is overseen from start to finished product. Artisans handcraft each piece, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to supporting local community businesses. All diamonds used by KATKIM are conflict-free, adhering to The Kimberly Process, and recycled gold is utilised whenever possible. 

Responsible radiance

For over three decades, Suzanne has crafted jewellery that marries innovation with enduring style. Collaborating closely with her daughter, she transforms mere objects into cherished memories. 

Suzanne Kalan
Classic Diamond 36 Inch Mini
Baguette Tennis Necklace

£72,883 / €85,403 / $92,000

These heirlooms will be passed down from daughter to granddaughter, each piece carrying narratives that transcend generations, resonating not only within their own family but across cultures worldwide. Set in 18-karat gold and adorned with bespoke gemstones, Suzanne’s vibrant creations and strategically positioned diamonds infuse a contemporary edge into classic designs.

Suzanne Kalan
Classic Diamond Mini
Tear Drop Earring

£4,199 / €4,920 / $5,300

Everyday Glam

Established in 2008, Grace Lee launched her eponymous collection for everyday fine jewellery, emphasising wearability over adornment. Each piece is designed for effortless stacking and layering. 

Grace Lee
Baguette Eternity
Double Ring – Vertical

£7,035 / €8,244 / $8,880

The brand prioritises ethical practices, using conflict-free diamonds and ensuring Kimberley Process compliance among vendors. Crafted in Los Angeles, California, every item reflects meticulous design and production. Grace Lee caters to those valuing impeccable quality and ethical standards, with no boundaries of age, ethnicity, or style.

Grace Lee
18-Karat Gold Baguette
Pear Helix Ring 

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