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Dynamic Performance

Porsche overhauls the Panamera, presenting its third-generation sporting luxury sedan with enhanced digital features, fresh design, and an expanded spectrum between dynamic performance
and comfort. 

The new E-Hybrid powertrains and high-spec suspension underline its claim as the most dynamic sedan. Boasting a Porsche Active Ride suspension system, the Panamera offers improved comfort and driving dynamics. 

Four efficient E-Hybrid powertrains, including the Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid, deliver enhanced performance and efficiency. The digital experience inside features a seamless integration of personal Porsche ID and advanced driver assistance systems. The redesigned Panamera retains its characteristic lines while offering a more expressive and sporting appearance.

Customised Powerhouse

The Automobili Pininfarina Battista stands as the world’s premier pure-electric hyper GT, redefining luxury, performance and exhilaration.

Limited to just 150 units, each meticulously handcrafted at Automobili Pininfarina’s Cambiano Atelier in Italy,
the hypercar exemplifies unrivalled personalisation and sustainable luxury.

Drawing on Pininfarina’s legacy, the Battista blends modern Italian design, sophistication, and luxury. Conceived at the Cambiano hub, it represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, emotional resonance and heritage. The Battista’s design harmonises contemporary innovation with a respectful nod to Pininfarina’s elegant past, featuring two defining lines, a curvaceous carbon body, and the PURA design philosophy. 

Its exterior boasts flowing lines, exquisite detailing, and a Pininfarina teardrop cabin, creating a timeless yet innovative aesthetic. The Battista, with its Signature E-Heart and LED lighting, redefines electric hypercars, pushing boundaries in high-performance, sustainable mobility.

Night Rapture

Maserati presents the MC20 Notte, a limited edition of its super sports car, embodying the brand’s racing legacy. 

With only 50 units globally, this exclusive edition enhances the MC20’s racing essence, featuring a unique design inspired by the mystique of darkness. Collaborating with Maserati reference driver Andrea Bertolini, the Fuoriserie team crafted a body with a matte ‘nero essenza’ finish. 

The 20” matte black birdcage wheels and Alcantara interior with yellow stitching complete the MC20 Notte’s apeal, commemorated by an exclusive metal plate signalling its ‘UNA DI 50’ status.


The Diavel for Bentley, a limited edition Ducati motorcycle, finds its inspiration in the Bentley Batur, delivering a ride that seamlessly blends a striking aesthetic, exhilarating performance, and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Transcending ordinary exhilaration, this bike represents a fusion of design prowess and automotive excellence.

Mirroring the Bentley Batur’s reliance on the renowned W12 engine, the Diavel for Bentley boasts Ducati’s flagship V4 Granturismo engine, a powerhouse rich in torque throughout the rpm range and remarkably lightweight. Collaboration between Bentley and Ducati design teams has resulted in a head-turning appearance, featuring unique carbon fibre bodywork, forged rims, and dual-colour grilles reminiscent of the Batur’s exquisite details. Limited to 500 units, the Diavel for Bentley offers exclusivity, while an additional 50 Diavel for Bentley Mulliner units cater to personalised preferences, allowing customers to collaborate with Ducati designers for a bespoke touch.

Celestial Design

The Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Private Collection captures the rare beauty of a total solar eclipse, commissioned exclusively through Rolls-Royce Private Office. 

This limited edition, with only 25 models, symbolises the celestial event, featuring a Starlight Headliner mimicking the eclipse’s totality for seven minutes and 31 seconds. 

The illuminated fascia, a hand-painted Coachline, and a bespoke collection clock with a 0.5-carat diamond, all evoke eclipse elements. The Lyrical Copper exterior, white-wall tyres, and Mandarin brake callipers add to its exclusivity. 

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