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Interior design and interior architecture specialist Lauren Coburn shares her journey to success

Lauren Coburn has a 20-plus year portfolio of diverse designs and project executions under her belt. Discovering this passion at a young age led her to study interior architecture at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000, where she gained a degree, whilst being formally trained by world renowned architecture firm Tigerman McCurry. 

Four years later, she started her own interior design and interior architecture firm in Chicago, where her goal has been centred around offering her clients around the world a sought-
after working arrangement with three core pillars: complete transparency between herself and her clients, exceptional customer service, and virtually unfettered client access to her directly.   

Lauren specialises in interior design and interior architecture, where she enjoys creating one-of -a-kind pieces for her clients. Following on from her success in gaining a wide range of clientele, Lauren was recently invited and accepted into the Leaders of Design Council: a council consisting of leaders in architecture and interior design from around the United States. 

In addition to inclusion in the world’s top design groups, Lauren has made her mark internationally, and she has also been featured in several publications, as well as having been a part of award-winning collaborations across a variety of styles. To add to her success, Lauren’s work has been published in the book ‘Spectacular Homes of Chicago’. She is also the only Chicago designer to be featured in ‘Structure and Design,’ a publication of signature work by leading architects and interior designers. 

Lauren Coburn
t: +1 312 303 0111

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