France: Château De Montcaud

This stunning hotel in Provence is celebrating its rich history by encouraging guests to explore France’s fascinating silk story from the 19th century to present day.

Built in 1848 by silk trader Alexandre Eugène Collain, Château De Montcaud has strong ties to France’s historic, thriving silk industry. More than half of the production of silk cocoons came from nearby Cevennes National Park and Collain set up his production site on the estate. However, a virulent epidemic progressively wrecked silkworm breeding, and while the founding family kept up appearances by entertaining in the château and remaining benefactors of the region, wealth slowly diminished alongside the disappearance of silk production in the area.

Now the château is collaborating with pioneering silk company, Sericyne, to offer guests a fascinating journey along the Silk Road in France’s rural Cèze Valley. This exciting partnership will include the inauguration of an exclusive silk masterpiece made using an innovative, new, patented technique in the château’s fine-dining venue, Restaurant De Montcaud. Guests will also have the chance to discover how the silk trade is woven into every aspect of the region, from mulberry plantations to museums.

Each of the 29 bedrooms and suites offers fabulous views of the surrounding park as well as a large framed panel of silk on the wall behind the bed, as unique pieces of art. The spacious bathrooms come complete with rain showers, large mirrors and, in some cases, chandeliers, to ensure guests enjoy ultimate comfort and relaxation.

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