Great lengths

Water feature to transform your home into an oasis of calm

Few elements in a home manage to elicit the same reaction as a well-placed water feature and this elegantly long design is rarely seen in a residential setting. It serves to add an infinity-like appearance and combines a scrim style with traditional water fountains. The design is testament to Tills Innovations, skills and experience gained over 20 years of creating bespoke water features for both residential and commercial settings. At 23m long and 1.2m wide, this beautiful design creates a gently sloping stone surface with a thin sheet of water running over it. To this, the fountains have been added, giving life and movement to the overall effect. Therapeutic for the mind and mood in summer and beautiful to look at when magically lit in winter. 

£40,000 +VAT / €43,946 +VAT / $51,675 +VAT (not including building works) 
Tills Innovations
t: +44 1284 787 479 | t: +44 7900 432 776
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