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A wonderful amalgamation of dance, food, literature and visual arts can be enjoyed as you while the days away on Puerto Rican soil. The luxury properties will certainly command your attention too, with a variety of beautifully constructed options to choose from.

There are no restrictions for international buyers to invest in Puerto Rico. There are a number of tax incentives, which Francisco “Paco” Diaz Fournier and Alejandro “Alex” Herrera, principal managing partner and partner respectively of Luxury Collection Real, expound on. “Extraordinary new tax incentives make living and working in Puerto Rico more enticing than ever before, especially for US citizens. They create a sense of urgency for investors to move to Puerto Rico and bring their business here, generating a high demand for purchase and rent of luxury properties on the island. These people are in a great part responsible for the boom in the luxury real estate market here. There are measures in place to attract new residents to the island by providing a total exemption from Puerto Rico’s income tax on all passive income realised or accrued after the individual becomes a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico. To read the full article click here.

Luchetti, Condado, Puerto Rico

Built in 1957, this beautiful house is located in Condado, Puerto Rico and is arguably one of the most magnificent homes ever constructed in the area. Featuring impressive architecture and elegant interior design, you will be enveloped in sheer comfort and luxuriousness. The abode sits on 2,150m², with approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of interior space, containing four bedrooms and four full bathrooms with a steam room located in the master bathroom shower. Other features include a powder room, gourmet kitchen sunroom and a library.
£3.9m / €4.3m / $4.9m
Luxury Collection Real Estate | Puerto Rico

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