Praetor – Private Jet

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, these jets epitomise luxury and style.

Comfort, convenience and outstanding capability are inherent in the Praetor 600. It is the most technologically advanced jet in the super-midsize category, delivering the ultimate in customer experience.

Discover this aircraft’s astonishing mechanisation by first coming to grips with its compact E2VS – an industry first, which consists of a head-up display that combines synthetic and enhanced vision technologies, which further lightens a pilot’s workload and increases situational awareness for safer flight operations. The Praetor 600 also features excellent in-flight connectivity with Ka-band technology – and is the only jet in its class to have this. 

With a six-foot-tall, flat-floor cabin, stone flooring, a wet galley, and a vacuum lavatory, this design also features the best-in-class baggage space of 4.38 m³. With four passengers and NBAA IFR Reserves, the Praetor 600 has an intercontinental range of 7,441 km, equivalent to a maximum endurance of over nine hours. It is also the farthest-flying super-midsize aircraft, allowing non-stop flights between Dubai and London, Paris and New York, and São Paulo and Miami. 

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