Interiors: Quality over Quantity

Kristina Zanic, founder of Kristina Zanic Consultants

To a designer the entrance hall design is as important as the whole interior design scheme itself – being the first room that touches every guest’s eye and attention whilst entering the space.
There are some design tips and tweaks that can however aid you to make whichever size entry hall thrive with style.

Lighting is key – manipulate the light so it accents the important parts, maybe a good painting or a mirror, even the stairs can be highlighted. Another great thing to make your entrance hall pop is a feature wall, being the ideal place for displaying your favourite arts and accessories. Staircases are a big part of the room, so keeping their design in mind is smart if you want to make a real statement.

Last but not least, space is preeminent when working with the entrance hall. If your entry hall is already large, do not make it smaller by filling it up with too much décor or details. Keep it simple by using a minimalistic pattern and make only a couple of details stand out. The same counts for the furniture, where it should be about quality rather than quantity as one chaise lounge, a piano or great ottoman bench are often more than enough to give off a great impact.

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