Interiors: Timeless Elegance

Katharine Pooley, founder of Katharine Pooley London

There are several key design details to consider when putting together a master bedroom scheme. A master suite unlike a guest suite must be luxurious, inviting, personal, comfortable and timelessly elegant. To achieve this, I prefer neutral colour schemes with a peaceful, serene and soft tone. Accents of dove grey, soft celadon blues or dusky pinks work well with layered neutrals and I return to these colours again and again for master bedrooms.

I like to add interest with bespoke bedside tables; for one property in London I used selenite crystal on the drawer fronts. I find organic semi-precious textures look incredible when mixed with luxurious natural fabrics like lamb’s wool, cashmere, linen and silk – perfect for a tactile layered scheme. Interesting table lamps are always a must – twisted crystal lamps from Nicholas Haslam are a favourite or Ralph Lauren has some beautiful crystal and metal designs.

Finally, a master bedroom should have personal touches; dressing tables with mother of pearl and silver shell bowls for earrings, family photographs in shagreen frames, desks with bespoke leather writing sets, artwork reflecting the client’s tastes and of course scented candles, flowers, bespoke bed linen and the softest cashmere throws. All these details make a master suite properly luxurious, inviting and a peaceful retreat for busy lives.

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