International Five Star Hotel Standard

One of the most important things to decide upon when travelling at home or abroad is where you are going to stay. Quite honestly, your choice of hotel can make or break a much-needed holiday or even an important business trip when you need to be feeling refreshed and focused. So how do you go about sourcing a hotel that lives up to its online description and has a consistent rating system you can trust? Historically, almost every country in the world has its own system for rating hotels, often based around a star classification. Yet what merits a high rating in one country may not match the standards required in another.
With this in mind, the organisers of the International Hotel Five Star Standard has succeeded in delivering a global mark of excellence recognisable across the world, one that will guarantee exceptional levels of quality and service, regardless of location. The result is a prestigious awards’ programme which now represents the only truly international five-star hotel rating.

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