Limited Edition Re-Engineeered Jaguar XK120 GT

The Jaguar XK120 is the quintessential sports car from the Golden Age of British motoring. Which is why renowned classic car specialist, Tester Racing is now completely restoring and re-engineering a limited number of Jaguar XK120 GTs for sale exclusively to private buyers.

Tester Racing is going to work on just 28 of these classic British motoring icons, creating lightweight, aluminium bodied coupe and roadster versions. From the outside, each XK120 GT will look just as it did in the past, racing around Le Mans or cruising along leafy country lanes in gloriously long, hot British summers.

But that’s where the similarity will end. On the inside, Tester is going to incorporate all of the most advanced technological and engineering developments that are now available to the modern motor manufacturer.

In addition, each Jaguar XK120 GT can be bespoke to each customer’s requirements, whether it’s to a basic FIA racing specification – a chance for buyers to take part in the Jaguar Heritage Race Series – or a full-on modern GT fixed head touring road-going version. What’s more, each one can be hand tailored to the individual owner. Tester will take each customer’s measurements and tailor the bulkhead position and pedals to fit their exact height. A range of modern innovations and enhancements will be included as standard, and each buyer can also choose from a range of options to make their own XK120 GT unique to them.

For true Jaguar aficionados and petrol-heads, there are even more reasons why these cars will be special and very desirable. Each of the Jaguar XK120 GT coupes and roadsters is not just a modern take on a classic GT car. Tester will be reproducing them based on the LT2, which was a lightweight version of the road-going XK120 developed purely for racing. As Tester point out, the Jaguar XK120 has never before been built as an aluminium bodied coupe, and the XK120 coupe has never before been reproduced in the LT format.

In short, these bespoke Tester XK120 GT coupes and roadsters will be radically different to anything else on the road, combining modern day technology, automotive innovations and performance with the unmistakable style and elegance of the 1950’s motor car.


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