Luxury Submarine

Explore the world below in the comfort of a luxury submarine built by Triton.

The underwater world remains largely untouched, but with the help of Triton Submarines and its new range of submersibles, you can explore the deep blue in style. 

Currently under construction are the Triton 3300/6 and the 1650/7 Configurable, capable of diving 1,000m and 500m with the ability to carry six and seven persons respectively. Described as ‘salons under the sea,’ the company has opened up new opportunities in terms of luxury exploring. Personalisation is key here, with the brand carefully working with owners to include elements that suit their specific tastes, which can range from an espresso machine or mini bar to a couch for the family canine. With ten hours of endurance, these spacious new models allow the entire family to share truly unique and exhilarating experiences. 

From £4.3m / €4.8 / $5.4m
Triton Submarines

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