As the largest province in Canada, Québec plays host to some of the country’s most beautiful countryside.

“Québec is steeped in history,” says Christina Miller, real estate broker for Profusion Immobilier. “This has created a multi-cultural province noted for its vibrant world-class cultural scene and entrepreneurial development.”

Carl Rémillard Fontaine who is also a real estate broker at Profusion Immobilier adds, “Québec has long been recognised for its breathtaking natural landscapes, its rich and inclusive cultural scene as well as its rapidly growing economy. With both European and American heritage, Québec charms the world with the warmth, simplicity and kindness of its people and quality of life it offers. Open to the world, particularly in terms of education, technology and innovation, the province has it all.”

Montréal and Québec City are two bustling metropolises that are perfect areas to settle within Québec. Christina Miller agrees: “Montreal and Québec City are the places that attract high net worth investors who come here to take advantage of attractive real estate opportunities. Old Montreal and Le Vieux-Québec have seen steady foreign investment over the last twenty years, with properties being bought as ‘pied-à-terre’ or as rental properties for people who flock to both those cities to work, study or soak in their rich cultures.”

When it comes to investors, “There is a higher proportion of local ownership in cities like Montreal and Québec,” says Christina. “Foreign ownership has been climbing steadily due to Chinese and European immigration, particularly over the last 7-10 years.”

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413 Ch. Des Verdier, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard

Bordered by the water of Lac de la Cabane, this house is a true haven of peace, offering tranquillity and privacy. Located in the heart of the Canadian boreal forest, noble materials, tailor-made confections and ultra-high-end designs are some of the characteristics that define this unique property.

Whether through the centralised home automation system or the geothermal system, this property is at the forefront of design and sophistication. On the ground floor you will find a warm vestibule, an office space, a powder room, and above all, a spectacular air of life connecting the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. On the south side, discover the master suite offering a large bedroom with a breathtaking view of the lake. Outside, take advantage of a fully landscaped area, sunbathe on the imposing terrace at the top of the rocky cape or have a drink at the end of the quay.

£3.7m / €4.2m / $5.1m
Barnes International Realty, Quebec | t: +1 514 933 3235

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