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Super Midsized cabin jets offer a large comfortable cabin area and a longer range than their smaller cousins. The Challenger 350 from Bombardier accommodates up to 10 passengers and crew and has a range of 3,200NM. This world class aircraft offers an exceptionally smooth ride, extremely quiet large cabin with sound suppressing design, stylish finishes and a flat floor design. With safe baggage access at all times, this jet is both practical and stylish. The manufacturer points out the jet’s lower maintenance costs, afforded by longer maintenance intervals, and peace of mind offered through a reliable reputation.

This comfortable, welcoming cabin, with its renowned craftsmanship and attention to detail, offers areas in which to work and to relax, and features air to ground passenger internet connection, a state-of-the-art cabin management system, a well-appointed galley, and many optional extras in specification and styling. 

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