Raymond Briggs – A Retrospective

Internationally famous for books including Fungus the Bogeyman, The Snowman and When the Wind Blows, this is remarkably the first ever exhibition devoted to Raymond Briggs.

Briggs’ talents included not only his storytelling that entranced both the adults who read his books and the children who were lucky enough to have them at bedtime, but wonderful drawings and paintings of the characters he was depicting. His books have sold millions of copies and several have been adapted for stage and screen most notably perhaps The Snowman, the animated version of which is screened annually at Christmas. 

Briggs once said that he illustrated the entirely wordless The Snowman as a clean and fresh antidote to the years “buried amongst muck, slime and words” on Fungus. 

Examples of never-before-seen material from Briggs’ personal archive, revealing the origins of iconic titles that have become household favourites, will be shown alongside original artworks. 

The touring exhibition is scheduled to open in Hampshire in April.
30th April to 18th August at the Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, Hants. 

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