Superyachts: Vacational voyages

Vacational voyages

If the thought of a sailing holiday appeals but you’d rather not take the plunge and invest in your own boat, both experienced and novice sailors, or those with no previous experience at all, can hire boats via Click&Boat. The company’s co-founder, Edouard Gorioux, explains, “For those interested in taking to the seas during their holiday, Click&Boat has over 30,000 boats available to rent in over 50 countries worldwide. Although we welcome seasoned sailors ready to take the helm, no previous sailing experience is needed as many of the boats can be rented with an onboard captain.”

With unspoilt bays and charming villages, Spain and Italy have been revealed by the online boat hire platform as the most popular destinations for British travellers taking a sailing holiday this summer. Looking at the bookings of 3,300 UK boating enthusiasts, 25% planned to travel to Italy and the same percentage to Spain for a boating trip, with the picturesque island of Ibiza claiming the top spot as the most popular destination overall.

According to Click&Boat, the average length of a sailing trip for UK holidaymakers is four days, with those travelling to Croatia and Greece usually hiring a boat for longer than those who visit Spain. The most popular type of boats for UK holidaymakers this summer were motorboats and sailboats, but the website has also witnessed an increase in the demand for catamarans, especially by those who are planning to spend an extended period of time at sea.

As for the US, the most popular destinations for sailing are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Marina del Rey, Seattle, Newport Beach, Annapolis and Chicago. Although the percentage of bookings in the US is relatively small as Click&Boat has more boats located in Europe, the number of US boats is rapidly increasing.

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