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The renowned garden designer tells us what inspires him from the past, and what the future holds

Randle Siddeley, The Lord Kenilworth, founded his design business, which also takes his name, in 1975. Now described as a ‘leading landscape architecture, construction and maintenance company’ he has spent the last 45 years, designing bespoke gardens and installations not only for some of the most discerning of private households, but also for important public spaces around the world. With a seemingly unending passion and flair for outdoor design, today he is as busy as ever, but what has changed over those 45 years, and who has influenced him in his impressive body of work? 

Randle’s father John Siddeley was an interior designer who worked on the Harlequin Suite at the Dorchester Hotel, the Park Lane Hotel in London’s Piccadilly and the Okura Hotel in Japan, as well as working on projects for English actor Peter Sellers. Randle says that he certainly drew inspiration from his father: “I grew up in the interior designing world, but my interest in gardening started as a child, so I always had it in my blood. In my late teens my father had a couple of projects that needed landscaping. I suggested to him that I could do that. I got involved, and he gave me freedom to do my own thing as opposed to being under his watchful eye.”

Today Randle still loves getting involved in the design process. “Fortunately, I have a very good visual memory. So, I can walk into a space and come back to work, and I can imagine that space without actually referring to a picture.
I think, ‘now I know how I’m going to start implementing the initial structure of the garden.’ The whole design of the garden is there to bring joy, and then of course seeing the finished result at the end of the day, as well as having an exhilarated client.” 

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