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Great lengths

Water feature to transform your home into an oasis of calm

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Krug Echoes

Champagne produces an unmistakable sound when a bottle is opened, then drops to a whisper as the bubbles collect – you sip, then savour and revel in its beauty, whilst music is formed by layers of sound and tones, which recurrently lead many to stop in their tracks. The two art forms blend so well that often their imagery is intertwined.

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Illuminate your home

A well-lit home can be achieved with any one of these opulent designs

A connoisseur’s dream

Rekindle your love affair with wine by allowing Spiral Cellars to design, craft and install a refrigerated wine room that dreams are made of. Strategically fitted into the ground within your kitchen, this beautiful design can be installed in less than 9 days, and is capable of storing up to 1,900 bottles.

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Beautifully Bespoke

Instead of choosing just one luxury kitchen appliance, why not create the cooking area of your dreams with help from Officine Gullo?

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Bursting with Character

The striking Habufa Vitoria dining table is made from natural oak, a mix of solids and very thick veneers, with all the characteristics found in the original tree such as cracks and knots, with a gunmetal starburst base.

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Luxe: Golden Glory

Markus Benesch looked for inspiration in the Greek mythology of the Golden Fleece when designing this stunning light.

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Luxe: Swirling sculpture

Alongside her own collections of bespoke furniture and lighting that revive the most beautiful examples from mid-century French design, Victoria Stainow continues to champion the work of new and global designers.

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Luxe: Perfect balance

The ultimate in the art of urban living, De Padova creates a magical mix of Italian craftsmanship with Scandi cool and Japanese minimalism.

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Luxe: Shapely shades

A stunning modernist arrangement of converging x-y axes in an aged brass finish, the Fleming pendant light contains a slight allusion to the Bauhaus in the oblate spheroid shape of its shades.

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