Fast & Fan-tastic

The forthcoming T.50 supercar from Gordon Murray Automotive and the Racing Point Formula One Team has a rear end dominated by a 400mm ground-effect fan, at the centre of its airflow management system.

Not only this, but the active underbody aerodynamics, dynamic rear aerofoils and the aero system enable the T.50 to achieve greater performance and control compared to a conventional ground-effect supercar.

            Six different aero modes give the car versatility, balancing traction and outright performance. The most extreme Vmax Mode combines motorsport slipstream technology, extra power from a 48-volt integrated starter-generator, and ram induction to boost power to a mega 700hp.

            Weighing just 980kg, the car’s bespoke Cosworth V12 will be the highest-revving road car engine ever made, capable of an extraordinary 12,100rpm.

            The rear-wheel drive T.50 features Murray’s favoured three-seat layout, with the driver benefitting from a central ‘jet-fighter-style’ driving position.

            Availability is of course limited with an exclusive production run of just 100 cars, but be quick as most are already taken. Demand for the supercar has come from a wider than expected global customer base, with a significant number heading to customers in the USA and Japan.

From £2 million

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