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A Restful Night

A place of comfort and relaxation, your bedroom should provide solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

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Design Hub Malta – Stylish and forward-thinking

Having an aesthetically pleasing place of work can have a big impact on a number of factors from focus to teamwork

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Splashing Out

We have forayed into the realms of the bathroom world to bring you three incredible designs that will provide you with lots of inspiration

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Made to measure

Gemona West Interior Design Studio is a multidisciplinary powerhouse whose thoughtful designs enhance the lives of its clientele

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Coveted Designs

Interior design and interior architecture specialist Lauren Coburn shares her journey to success

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Panel 7 Studio – Attention to detail

Beautiful styling by Interior design studio Panel 7 gives way to a warm and cosy environment.

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Kitchen – heart of the home

Harmony and synergy are two words that come to mind regarding kitchen interiors. However, in order to achieve fuss-free appeal, Jamie Harding, commercial director at Kitchen Connection of Ascot, gives his opinion on what is needed to create this luxurious design in particular. 

Classic and Contemporary

Robert Walker, Managing Director, Alexander James Interior Design Marrying a variety of trends, textures and colours was key to creating a balance between classic and contemporary styling within this drawing room.

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Design Meets Innovation

With more than 19 years of experience, The Nielsen Collection of Interiors specialises in kitchen and bath redesign with fresh, contemporary styling that will engage one’s imagination.

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Find a focus

Celia Sawyer, founder of Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture and Design and member of the International Property Awards judging panel

The key is to create a focal point. This is the area where your main seating area will go, and is generally a fireplace of sorts. It is traditional to place seating around a fireplace and this creates a warm and inviting area whatever the size of the room. A living room without a focal point, lacks any warmth and feels wrong.

The Fairways London project was a whole house design from the ground up, but the main reception room was the client’s most important room, as this was a Saudi Royal and the standard had to be super high luxury for her. The reception needed to have a very feminine style and elegance, so that it was comfortable and functional for her needs.

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